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Step 2: Design

Step 2: Design

The Design Process

Land Architects has two different approaches to the design or design/build process:

Alternative 1: Architectural Concept Design with 3-D Model and Plan

This is an important component of any large scale or comprehensive remodel or new construction. This is also a great option for do-it-yourself clients who want the benefit of a professionally designed outdoor living space or garden. With this comprehensive design service, Land Architects will:

  • Prepare 3-D model showing house, property lines, driveway, road, major trees and shrubs, underground utilities and above ground wires.
  • Take on-site measurements with a laser level; mark and notate spot elevations, drainage patterns, and view corridors, etc.
  • Complete site inventory and analysis of plant and hardscape materials. Photo documentation of site.
  • Create concept plan using 3-D base map.
  • Meet with client to show 3-D fly-through and discuss design alternatives. Make modifications to the Concept Plan following client meeting.
  • Create hardcopy and digital files of approved Concept Plan. Hardcopy to show various views from the model on 24”x 36” plans for client and designer reference.
  • Discuss and answer questions regarding budget/phasing and timeline/scheduling

Post Design Services may also include:

  • Installation Services
  • Project supervision and project management services
  • Buying services
  • Perennial (non-woody) plant installation and contracting services

Alternative 2: On-site Design/Installation Services

This is the fastest and most economical approach for small to medium sized projects in which Land Architects will be doing both the design and installation of your project. Land Architects will visit the site and stake out a design plan; discuss the design plan with you and make modifications as requested. Then, Land Architects will have a designer onsite during the installation process to ensure your vision comes to life as discussed during the onsite design plan. This option is not recommended however for large scale projects that may be implemented over several phases and/or years.