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Step 1: Consultation

Initial Design Consultation

Landscape SketchThe first step is a phone call or visit to your home for a design consultation. The initial consultation is free.  During the consultation, we work together to determine your overall project goals.  We will help you construct your “wish list” of everything you want in your garden and outdoor living space.  It is important to have a budget in mind during the initial design process. Land Architects will also offer some design and cost-savings opportunities you may not have considered.

After the initial consultation, you will receive a proposal detailing both the scope of work and projected fees for the design. The proposal lists all the design features that you requested to make sure that your needs and goals are met. The initial proposal may also include an estimate of the cost for building the design or installing the garden – depending on the project. Once you agree to a proposal for professional design services, Land Architects will provide one or several design options for your project based on the size and existing conditions of your current landscape.


It is important to have an approximate budget in mind for your project. There are many methods of achieving similar looks with different materials and methods where prices will widely vary. If your project goals exceed your budget, Land Architects will work with you to achieve the same look and feel of your project goals at a lower price using different materials or design concepts.

Land Architects also can develop a plan to phase in certain features over time in a way that maintains the look and feel of the design. Many clients choose to work from a master landscape plan that is implemented organically over the course of several years.

With careful planning on the front end, before the first shovel hits the ground, many existing site features and amenities, such as site topography, existing site soils, mature plant materials, and unique views (the borrowed landscape), can be carefully manipulated and integrated into a project, with little cost, elevating an otherwise ordinary project into something noteworthy and memorable – a project that functions well and remains sustainable for the long term.


Projects vary in size, scope and complexity. Project timetables are tailored to your needs – you may have specific target dates for completion and the design process is arranged around your work, vacation and travel schedule. Typically, the timeline for design only and the design/installation process is as follows:

Initial Consultation within 1 week of initial contact
Proposal for Design  1 week after Initial Consultation
Design Only (Architectural Concept Design with 3-D Model and Plan) 3–6 weeks after acceptance of Proposal for design services
On-site Design 1-3 weeks after Initial Consultation
Estimate for Installation Services (Design/Build) 1-2 weeks after Initial Consultation
Installation 1-3 weeks depending on the size of the project and scheduling