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Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy


Design Philosophy

The overall design theme will be sustainability, economy and functionality coupled with the use of locally procured natural stone for possible walkways, walls and terraces.

The layout will reinforce the physical connection between the landscape and the residence. Site elements such as walls, walks, paths, patios and terraces will be designed and arranged to accentuate their functional and aesthetic qualities.

To encourage use and pleasure of the garden spaces, we will pay special attention to maintaining important views and open spaces. We will use plant material screening to soften unwanted views. The plantings are to provide a variety of heights, textures and colors throughout the growing season and winter months.

The landscape will be designed to integrate with the existing and surrounding landscape and architecture soon after installation. This will be accomplished utilizing an “organic” curvilinear layout for terrace, walls and bed edges that harmonizes with the site.

We will use locally procured, natural stone and gravel for walks, paths, walls, and/or terraces, and infiltration areas. The plantings will be placed in a way that mimics natural vegetation patterns found in the landscape and will be visually connected to the forms of the architectural facades, roof lines and interior spaces.

We will design to integrate indoor architectural spaces and views with outdoor spaces and views.

We will take special care to develop strong connections and functional spaces between different structures and use areas.sub_inset4

Design and Installation to meet or exceed – Leadership and Excellence in Environmental Design (LEED) Certification and Sustainable Sites Initiative (SSI) – Criteria, Guidelines and Recommendations.

We will preserve all existing plant materials except invasive plants. No plants will be removed without approval and agreement between the client and the Landscape Architect.

Plant materials are to be primarily Michigan native plants. The combination of lush, bold foliage and colorful plantings will help to create comfortable outdoor living spaces and beautiful garden views.