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Our company has designed, constructed, and managed landscapes since 1984.  We have fun with our clients in creating functional and sustainable landscapes with our dedicated design staff, ecologists, and installation crews of masons, carpenters, and horticulturalists.  Ann Arbor is our home and we work in several surrounding communities across southeastern Michigan and specials places up north!

Since 1992, Land Architects has also worked closely with the City of Ann Arbor in the design and implementation of several city beautification projects. In 1997, we prepared and implemented a restoration plan for Fox Hills Country Club, an Arthur Hills golf course, which led to its designation as a certified National Audubon Sanctuary. In 2003, Land Architects worked with Friends of Open Spaces in Livonia (FOSIL), developing alternative design solutions for an urban park threatened by development.

Projects have been featured in the Ann Arbor Showcase of Homes (1998), the Ann Arbor Garden Tour (1985-1998), the Ann Arbor Home Remodeler’s Tour (2001, 2002, and 2003), the Ann Arbor News (October 6, 2001), and the Detroit News (April 20, 2003).